To all the beautiful brides to be..

Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and lets relax and chat about saying YES to the hair.

As you now have now found out there is so much more than just the dress to say yes to so lets debrief on hair so there is one more more thing to tick of that checklist and to be one step closer of walking down that isle..

The ladies at Lola love to educate their clients on not only the latest looks hitting the isles but also, suitability, practicality and durability as we have all learnt from that horrific 90's ball photo we cant just wave a wand and 'ta da' Cinderella. At the studio leading up to the summer months we as stylists get so excited with you to make your day special and together create a beautiful styling plan and concept. We pride our self in expressing our open communication with you leading up and want to take the stress of your beauty needs away from you. The buzz of wedding season is one of our favourites as it allows our finger tips to get really creative and create some picture perfect hair together, this truly is some of our favourite months for Lola hair studio.

Although, here we are to give you your 'ta da' moment.

Lets Browse… Trends!

Swept away..

Annalee Kemsley wedding day - hair up inspiration

A beautiful timeless look, the absolute most wanted hair trend by our brides this summer. A very romantic look, giving you soft and delicate vibes. This is a great versatile look which can be molded to you as a clients suitability, if you are use to having delicate hairs falling off your face this is also a fantastic look to give you a natural image. A sweeping tousled back bun which can be emphasised also by colour, if you are brunette, think about getting some richer tones through out and play around with different depths to define this look for example, lighter brown or some mocha tones will look great with your darker base to highlight and capture the elegance and separation through twists with your hair up. Blondes, give your hair some definition by creating a shadow root with some lighter blondes around your hairline to give you that glow around your face.

Not to forget: Being a softer look, this look is lightly pinned and may change shape and structure during the day due to elements like wind, humidity and lets not forget ripping up the dance floor with your new hubby! This is all the beauty of it, ensure your chief bridesmaid has a few pins tucked away in a purse to help maintain you through out your day or simply wear loosely through the day.


Wedding hair inspiration New Zealand hairdresser based in Taranaki

For the ladies who want to let their hair down. Messy, Beachy, Bohemian, structured glamour, model off-duty waves, again another 'safe' and gorgeous option to give you the va-va voom effect!

Some of you just may feel more confident or just more you with your hair down which is great to stick to your usual ways but up the amp on your special day. Figuring out your favourite curl is essential to feeling good with this elegant style for the day you do! if your hair is fine or you can never seem to just get it past a certain length, adding in some clip in extensions is a great option to add in thickness and length to dramatise, Consult with your lola hair stylist on colour and how many you will need to create your desired outcome.

Not to forget: Keep in mind the time of year you are getting married and how different elements can effect your hair e.g: wind, moisture etc. keep an umbrella near by for your transportation getting from cars to the venue and shielding your gorgeous locks.

Accessorise me..

Accessories in wedding hair inspo New Zealand

A bolder bride or a bride inspired by Nature. Adding in some softer baby’s breath flowers and greenery can for sure tie you in to your beautiful forest or beach wedding OR add in a statement piece like a detailed pin, headband or crown to give you the WOW factor. This is a great option to complete your look and emphasise your more simple dress. Incorporating your accessory into your hair is something worth talking to your Lola stylist about as in which side and the placement of your accessory to pop in.

Not to forget: Is their a sentimental jewel passed down which you have always loved and wished to wear on your day? hair chat is always great! Lets not overwhelm your look, if you are having doubts if your accessories are too much, opt for a rough hair trial with it to see how everything works.


Style Choices, With your own style in mind, lets keep you being you and think about face shapes and hair density. Social media is overwhelming with so many looks and trends, it is so easy to get confused in what you want and whats going to suit you. We find what look catches your bridal eye first is usually the look you will go back to because somewhere it identifies with you. Lets remember this is your day also and although friends and family have our best intentions, their thoughts can be overwhelming also, sticking with what makes you personally feel wonderfully beautiful always helps.

Face shapes, we all have a face and its got shape just like we all have ears on the sides of our head but some of us are more weary of putting them on display than others so lets create some balance. For a longer face, lets create width to your face and have some texture or volume on the sides creating the illusion of the perfect oval. For a more wider or round face, lets create height with some structure and tightness through the sides, again giving the illusion of the perfect oval. Being self conscious over ears is also a thing we find at least one person has with almost every wedding party 'we are here to help you' let your Lola stylist know before we begin and we can tousle some hair over the tops of your ears to make you feel your most beautiful.


As we all know mother nature doesn't always have our special day in mind when she’s out there doing her thing which is why we need someone to reign us in sometimes from having something too loose on a windy day or too soft on a rainy day. if the weather is not in your favour chat with your Lola stylist for what will be most practical for the weather also as well as making your wildest Pinterest 'hair goals' come to life, there may be more options than you think!

Some of our favourites you will find in our wedding kit:

Wedding hair kit essentials

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We hope your day is as lovely as your hair.

Love the ladies at Lola x

Laura Crombie