Trending - Your Ultimate Guide to Hair Accessories

Stretching from as far back as we can remember, woman have been styling themselves and each other with complimenting hair scarves, clips and scrunchies to spice up their look and wow we have seen a come back! Here in the studio we are absolutely digging it!

Not only in salons but through to catwalks, fashion shows and the streets we have seen a beautiful new array of BOLD pieces come through. If you didn’t hold on to your butterfly clips, don’t panic, here we are helping you shop new modern looks and style your returned love for hair accessories, giving you more than one way to wear some of your favourite pieces.

Lets begin…


Tips for adding hair clips and how to style them

Finding yourself diving into your toddlers pretty pins? Lets be honest, this was maybe our first reminder of these early 2000's beauty's but wow oh wow did they grow on us! Dressing these accessories with a structured blazer to pairing with a simple look these look cool and effortless for a fun edge bringing sophistication!

Pro tip: For blonde hair if you are choosing metal detail clips choose something to follow through with your hair tone is key, example: ash blonde-silver, golden blonde-gold.


Tips for adding hair crunchies and how to style them

Scrunchies, an all time favourite! A perfect hair accessory staple that we adore with new modern prints and fabrics. For a more elegant scrunchie opt for a soft polyester/cotton fabric. To dress up your look for something being paired with a sun dress opt for a silk scrunchie. Scrunchies are now almost sold in every retail store selling for a very reasonable price.

Pro tip: wearing your hair more loose and less structured with texture works well with scrunchies as this is definitely a softer style.


Tips for adding hair scarfs and how to style them

The bow tie, the pony wrap, the oversize bow, wrapping a bun, twisting through braids. There are so many gorgeous ways to wear a head scarf bringing a funky vibe to your look. A head Scarf is great to bring colour to your hair and complete any look, when purchasing a scarf think of a contrasting outfit colour to pair with at home to be bold. Mixing prints is a whole new ball game to never be afraid of as this looks great! accessorising is a big time trend so have fun while pairing with earrings, curls, prints, frills etc as this is all the fun of incorporating your scarf giving it a spin on your own style.

Pro tip: knot your scarf to a hair elastic to make this easier to wrap around hair and hold in place preventing the scarf to slip.

Our stylists at Lola would love to share some of our chosen favourite pieces for you to shop..

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 9.28.49 AM.png


  1. Colour Coin Scrunchie by Colette Haymen $5.99

  2. Yellow Crinkle Hair Scarf by Colette Haymen $12.99

  3. Simone Clips by Rubynz $19.00

  4. Sparkle Clips by Rubynz $29.00

  5. Leopard Print Hair Scrunchie by Colette Haymen $4.99

  6. Silver And Gold Slide Pins by Colette Haymen $4.99

  7. Aphrodite Hair Claw by Cotton On $9.99

  8. Gold Got My Eye On U Hair Clips by DollsKill $15.00

  9. Alexia Scrunchie by RubyNz $19.00

Laura Crombie