Let's chat about skin!

Taking care of your skin before a big life event

As important as our inner beauty is there is also an importance to our outer beauty as this is what gives us the confidence to also be the best version of ourselves. Self care is a big responsibility with a lot of questions, right and wrongs that leave us wondering what the truth is about skin care and social media facial trends such as 'the vampire facial etc. Today we are breaking it down for you by talking with Charlotte one of the leading Cosmetic Medicine Registered Nurse at 'Skin on forty five'. As massive hair and beauty advocates at Lola we not only want our in salon Lola ladies informed on all the latest information but if we can help out our brides/bridesmaids/MOB/ball girls etc then we are all winning! Leading up to these special occasions we need to put in the work before our special days ahead which is why we have the ladies at 'skin on forty five' informing us on all the beauty prep thats more than essential. Investing in our skin is the best thing we can do, facials are like yoga for the skin as beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle!


What we have learnt with the incredible skin fairies at 'Skin on forty five' is what we wish to share with you..

For someone who wants to make a fresh start to their skin care where do we start, are there consultation services? 

We recommend coming in for a free skin consultation with Rose or Charlotte. We’ll listen to your skin concerns and goals and assess the skin condition. This will tell us which treatments and topical products will be best to achieve a real result and improve your skin health for the better.

What’s your best hidden secret for youthful skin? 

A ‘hidden’ secret could be medical grade skin care, because its surprising the number of people investing in Botox and fillers that aren’t yet using medical grade. Yes, compared to over the counter products, it comes with a price tag. But, we’ve seen that the topical nutrition you’re feeding your skin everyday contributes to 80% of the skin condition result over a year. The concentration of active ingredients that gives the result is so much greater in medical grade, and those ingredients are in a form that can penetrate into the skin cell, where it’s needed. In particular, we have a wide range of concentrated retinol serums, each one specific for different skins. Our highest priced product is a vitamin A serum from Cosmedix Elite called ‘X-Age’, at $322. It contains liquid crystals (which penetrates the cells lipid bilayer), Spin Trap (which turns free radicals into healthy functioning molecules) and Microencapsulated Retinol (to deliver retinol even to sensitive or compromised skins). We just love selecting the right products for your skin and seeing beautiful the difference!


If you could give any advice to young woman for skin what would it be? 

Well, we can’t ignore that sun protection really is the main thing you can do to avoid accelerating the ageing process. It’s more than just daily sunscreen. Its taking all measures to protect the skin from environmental extremes throughout the year. 

We have seen it everywhere, what is this vampire facial everyone is chatting about? We would love to know more.. 

The ‘Vampire’ facial combines the benefits of dermal needling with the healing properties of your body’s own Plasma. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is full of growth factors, so when needled into the surface of the dermis with hundreds of micro channels, it boosts the body’s natural healing response to strengthen the skins barrier function with extra Collagen and Elastin. The result is smoother, tighter,  more hydrated and radiant skin. 

For our woman and men with hair loss issues, is ‘prp hair loss therapy’ always an option for them and how does this treatment work? 

Platelet rich plasma, which triggers a healing process when injected into the dermis, is applied to the depth of the hair follicle, stimulating a rejuvenation at the follicular level. This strengthens and thickens the hair shaft as it grows. The hair follicle does need to be alive for the process to work, so a consultation is necessary to assess the nature of hair thinning. For those with more than just thinning – true hair loss or balding, hair implantation may be a better option to consider.

Let’s talk about Botox! We have heard that this is a service great for prevention, is this a service we can start as early as late 20’s to prevent or when is a great time to start in order to prevent? 

Late 20’s is a fantastic time to start with a light treatment to prevent those lines developing. If you’re seeing the skin crease with expression, and particularly if that crease remains when at rest, it can be treated! Unfortunately in NZ, because of our fierce sun and outdoor lifestyle, we are seeing signs of premature aging like wrinkles a lot earlier than in other countries, particularly for those of NZ European origin.


Hair in all the wrong places, let’s get it gone! The myth is out there, is laser hair removal truely all that painful? We have seen some great results out there and would love to know more about pain tolerance for our ladies who are perhaps a bit more worried for pain tolerance and who is a great candidate. Where are some areas where this treatment is possible? 

Clients have commented that the quick flick of a laser pulse is not as bad as waxing – and it’s permanent! Our medical grade laser has a special ‘Cool Glide’ function where the hand piece briefly cools the skin surface to 4 degrees before each pulse, reducing the sting. Some of the most common areas are underarms, bikini line, chin and upper lip.


Beauty is being confident and walking tall in the skin you're in, so let's give ourselves the greatest skin.

Love the ladies at Lola x

Laura Crombie