Going, going, BLONDE!

Going blonde - new plymouth hairdresser colour tips

Honey blonde, golden blonde, ash blonde, creamy blonde, blush blonde, where to start when we are only just getting started. So here you are, scrolling the endless feed of pinterest blondes, dreaming and feeling lost and excited all at the same time for your next hairdressing appointment which if you read our latest blog of healthier longer hair you'll have that booked right on que in 6 weeks right.  To the ladies who were told you will not suite blonde stay brunette, lets do our homework and prove them wrong that you can rock that blonde because there is a blonde for everyone its all about which blonde works for you!

Where to start:

  •  A blonde that suites you skin tones

  • How to deal with maintenance

  • Hair condition and hair prep 

A blonde that suites your skin tone:

Lets begin with deciding if we are warm or cool skin tone, this will help with deciding what may work best for you to have a clear direction to achieving your most suited blonde. Lets start with checking your wrist veins to see if they are purple or blue then you may find you have a cool toned complexion. if they appear more green you may have a more warmer undertone with your complexion. if you have a combination you will be more neutral. In most cases your more warmer skin tones gravitate to your more honey, golden blondes. if you are more of a cool skin tone you may naturally gravitate towards your more ashy, sandy blondes. if you are figuring out that you are the opposite tonal reflect of your dreamy blonde here we are to explain how we can make this work for you and also keeping in mind everyone can wear a neutral blonde and your skin tone to suite your hair can also be mimicked by the power of makeup.

hair colour fashion - warm blondes

 A warm blonde is always beautiful and glowing! when we think warm we want to put aside thoughts of brass and gold as we want to train our thoughts to think of more muted down rich warm tones such as our honey blondes, biscuit blondes, mocha blondes, apricot blondes. if you gravitate to these shades you also may find you wear more gold jewellery than silver. You can also warm up your complexion to be more suited with coral lipsticks or bronze eye shadows.

Facial Framing of someone who suits warmth but wants cool:

blondes and contouring the face

Here is a beautiful example of a blonde who has both warm and cool elements. You can see the warmth through the top (zone1-Zone2) which sits around her face complementing her complexion while her ends are a more creamy ash blonde which is where the bulk of her hair sits where you visually see giving the illusion that she is more of an ash blonde while complimenting her skin tone that would suite more warmth. it is all about framing the face with the right tonal reflects to suite your skin tone while still having elements of your desired blonde in areas.

Cool blonde examples:

Cool blondes hair style and colour trends

A cool blonde for our ladies with more of a cool complexion, usually also our more pale skin tones. Think, ashy blonde, silver blonde, platinum blonde, sandy blonde, clean blonde. Noted that this tone of blonde  for our ladies who naturally carry more warmth may take a longer route to achieve cleaner blondes. Ashy blonde tones are also lovely to incorporate into your hair if you are now having natural grey hair come through, this will help soften and blend while staying in trend all in one!

An option for someone who suites a clean ashy blonde:

blonde hair colour trends for all year around

Keeping a nice clean blonde surrounding an inch frame off the face looks beautiful and gives the illusion of a glowing effect, dropping back to a rich warm mocha blonde that we have always dreamed of. This is perfect for our ladies who want a beautiful rich warm tone who suites a more neutral to cool reflect around the face.

How to deal with Blonde maintenance:

One of our most highly loved but also our most high maintenance colours. So lets get to it! 

An all over blonde which is blonde from root to tip (Zone1-Zone3) is high maintenance so here are some tips and tricks to keep your blonde ticking along, keeping all the right shades in all the right places if you are naturally dark, you will experience a fast regrowth.

  1. If you are time poor talk to your Redken stylist about anchoring your root slightly to have a less contrasting regrowth by going a shade or two darker through the first few inches of your regrowth OR begin incorporating your natural depth.

  2. If you are a warm blonde or a cool blonde we want to eliminate our brassy tones coming through, keeping it a rich gold or a cool blonde, neither of these tones should look brassy. Incorporating a silver counteracting shampoo to every second wash can be life changing! this will keep your blonde fresh and bright in all the right ways!

  3. Pick me up toner! "being blonde is such a commitment im practically married to my toner" Visiting your salon between your 6 week visits can also help and is also a short and time efficient service that is great for when life gets busy and you can no longer attend your usual hair appointment or for someone who wants to have an extended hair salon visit. 


Hair Condition and Hair Prep:

Beautiful silky blondes are what dreams are made of! Here are our 2 favourite tips to consider when prepping your hair to begin your stages of blonde, care chat.

Invest in a protein shampoo range, this will build up the protein in your hair structure to help keep your elasticity, porosity and general health of the hair when lightning.

Redken salon new plymouth

Our team of trained experts: knowledge is power! our stylists have trained for years to cater to your hair wishes and needs. Openly discuss the health of your hair and talk about what your hair can handle when considering lightning to the max, going blonde slowly can still be an option for our ladies with more porous hair if the correct products are used. Keeping hair in optimum health is strong in the 'LOLA MANTRA'.

A promise from our Lola stylists that we will always find a blonde that works for you. Invest in your hair, you wear it everyday. 

Love the ladies at Lola.

Laura Crombie